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Match 23, 2024

Thanks for visiting my site. Here comes more reviews and interviews for the new album NOMADIC.

Earlier album Experiences with Albert Tootie Heath is now available at Bandcamp !

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Reviews NOMADIC:
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Ken Dryden:
Tomas Janzon continues to surprise as an impressive guitarist, writer and composer, clearly evident on Nomadic.

Scott Yanow:
"Nomadic is filled with bright moments, subtle creativity.."

Stephen Smoliar:
Six of the tracks offer some thoroughly engaging interplay between Janzon and Steve Nelson on vibraphone...my eclectic background drew me to Janzon’s “Letter from JSB” track....the initials refer to Johann Sebastian Bach.....Janzon took the Sarabande movement from the BWV 1011 solo cello suite in C minor and used it to develop a dialog with Nelson’s vibraphone work..
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Jonathan Widran:
"Janzon takes us on a current journey as fascinating and intricately passionate as his multi-faceted career to date." See here

Joe Lang for Jersey Jazz:
"On the tracks with Nelson present, there is a natural telepathy passing between the Nelson and Janzon. The trio tracks put Janzon's tasteful and consistently engaging guitar artistry out front while his partners are right there with him every note of the way." See here




Reviews recent album: 130th & Lenox

One of the Best Albums 2020 by Downbeat

"There's an authority to Tomas Janzon's playing, but it's generous, open, masterful and gracious. "
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—Hobart Taylor
Downbeat, March 2020.

TOMAS JANZON/130th & Lenox: The Swedish guitarist continues to show why he's such an amazing player as he's equally at home with interpreting jazz hell raisers as he is with soundtrack aces of the past. Then he puts the cherry on top with some nifty originals. Blazing his own trail without having to show how much he can sound like Wes, this original voice finds wonderful music in nooks and crannies where you wouldn't think it exists anymore and plays it to the fullest. A winner throughout.
-Chris Spector, Midwest Record
Oct. 4, 2019

Absolutely tasty laid-back guitar jazz Tomas Janzon – 130th & Lenox Click HERE
By Dick Metcalf, editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews November 21, 2019
I give Tomas and his musical companions a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99 for this most memorable album.     
- Rotcod Zzaj

Janzon has a fertile imagination, and plenty of technique, a combination that is irresistible.  He has surrounded himself with players of similar abilities for a collection that provides satisfying listening, even after repeated plays. 
-Joe Lang, Jersey Jazz,
Nov-Dec 2019

More about 130th & Lenox here!



Fradley Garner in Jersey Jazz magazine !

Recent release Experiences, (Changes Music CM 113) featuring: Art Hillery-piano & organ, Jeff Littleton-bass and Albert "Tootie" Heath-drums.

Art, Tomas, Tootie, Jeff.

“Humility is a good word for the right approach. My experiences in the jazz community have always shown me that this music is coming from a spiritual approach. That is how you connect, it goes through your heart."

Interview for
Jazz Inside New York magazine.

Bill Milkowski at JazzTimes:

tasty renditions...
original territory ...
with soulful authority.

Read the full review here.

Jim Santella in L.A. Jazz Scene:

With Janzon's velvet-like textures floating as if on water, the quartet's music moves with soul.

[read the full review - click here]


One of the best jazz-guitar tones you'll hear....

One of the best jazz guitar records
from the past year.

- John Heidt, Vintage Guitar

Dr. Dave Walker: Music Blog + Just Jazz Guitar.

... from the very first minute I knew that Experiences by guitarist Tomas Janzon was something special. This is one of those unique albums that will please ordinary music lovers as well as jazz guitar aficionados. Mr. Janzon’s style ranges from cool to passionate but always melodic and eminently listenable.
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Jazz Podium, Germany:

The way in which he develops his pieces is the logical sound of a director and dramatist. ...Tomas brings light and air in the mainstream canon. His caution, his truly impressive and emotional charisma turns every piece into a feast. Guitar jazz has rarely been this beautiful.

-Alexander Schmitz, Jazz Podium, Germany, Nov. 2010.


Article by Tomas Janzon about Master Musician Joe Diorio, from
Just Jazz Guitar

Considering Tap Dancing p1

About Joe Diorio for Orkesterjournalen (in Swedish).

Möten med en mästare
sid 2

FUZZ-Scandinavia's biggest guitar magazine writes

by Michael Linderoth

New Review by Jan Olson at Digjazz.se (in Swedish)
Elegant, formsäker gitarrexport

New Article at Orkesterjournalen,
Duo with Juini Booth .
Tomas Janzon in Duo Format.
(English and Swedish)

Intervju för Orkesterjournalen:
Från Harlem till Söder.
(In Swedish)

New Review by Lyle Robinson at Jazz Guitar Life:

"Case in point is Janzon’s solo intro to Here’s That Rainy Day as he descends slowly down the fretboard creating a sonic shimmering of dissonant counterpoint before stating the acclaimed melody in octaves.." here


Vintage Guitar, April 2011:

....“Float” is a Janzon original with a spooky, off-kilter feel
where his bop solo fits perfectly. The other original,
“Blue Bee,” has an airy feel that makes it stand out from
the blues and funk. The record closes with a beautiful solo piece,
“En Dejlig Rosa,”which showcases everything about Janzon’s playing
that make this one of the best jazz guitar records from the past year.

- John Heidt, Vintage Guitar. see April 2011 issue.



Jersey Jazz, Jan. 2011
Fradley Garner International Editor


TOMAS JANZON has lived in America for 18 years, building a reputation as a combo leader and composer on west and east coasts. Last summer, Tomas drove to New York from Los Angeles, where he’d taken a master’s degree in classical guitar at the USC Thornton School of Music and played
many trio gigs at Victor Borge Hall, with the great Ben Dixon on drums.
Some impressions from his cross-country drive are reflected in Janzon’s latest CD, Experiences (Changes Music), “a collection of seven straight-ahead jazz tunes, two originals
and two versions of a Swedish folksong.” With the guitarist are Art Hillery on B3 organ and piano, Jeff Littleton on bass, and the distinguished Albert “Tootie” Heath on drums.

On January 9 the Tomas Janzon Trio, with Corcoran Holt on bass, has
a 9:30–11:30 PM gig at Miles’ Café, 212 East 52nd St., Manhattan.
Jersey Jazz Journal


Janzon’s warmly soul-tinged lines over Hillery’s staccato chords and Heath’s winking, on-and-off shuffle.
Alan Young, Lucid Culture

Grego Applegates Edwards,
Nov. 18, 2010:

" Subtle and Swinging"
Read the blog

Magnus Eriksson at LiRA (in Swedish): ..."ett mjukt anslag, en krispig ton och jag njuter av att dras in i hans melodiska flöde och läckra skalklättringar."
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Selections from EXPERIENCES can now be heard on your local jazz radio station.


Oct. 1, 2010:
Interview with Jon Norton at
WGLT, Illinois State University.


Radio campaign with
Kate Smith Promotions:
Tomas Janzon "Experiences":

CMJ Jazz Top 40 Chart: #36, #29, #14!!! Thank you.

Jazz Week Top 50 Album Chart: #46, #44, #39, #34, #32, #19!!! Thank you.

Roots Music Report Top 50 Jazz: #26, #16, #13, #8, #6!!! Thank you.

Sept. - Oct. 2010


Changes Music now has worldwide distribution with Naxos Sweden:

Naxos Sweden AB
Kryptongatan 6
703 73 Örebro, Sweden
Tel: +46735060838
E-mail: tryggve@naxos.se

US Distribution:

North Country Distr.
Cadence Building
Redwood, NY 13679



photo trio

Jeff Littleton, Albert "Tootie" Heath, Tomas.




New album NOMADIC !

with Steve Nelson-vibes, Hiliard Greene-bass, Chuck McPherson-drums
with Jeff Littleton-bass and Tony Austin-drums

Listen and download at BandCamp!

Apple Music

And Spotify here

Apple Music - Tomas Janzon

Upcoming Shows:

March 31, 2024, at 8 pm
Tomas Janzon Trio
Rubem Farias-bass
Jojo Djeridi-dr
Glenn Miller Cafe
Brunnsgatan 21 A, Stockholm

July 12, 2024, at 8 pm
Tomas Janzon Trio
Glenn Miller Cafe
Brunnsgatan 21 A, Stockholm

July 17, 2024, at 7 pm
Tomas Janzon Solo
From Bach to Jazz

Åmåls kyrka, Sweden

July 20, 2024, at 11 am
Tomas Janzon Solo
From Bach to Jazz

Varbergs kyrka, Sweden

July 23, 2024, at 6 pm
Tomas Janzon Solo
From Bach to Jazz

Falsterbo-Skanör kyrka, Sweden

July 31, 2024, at 7 pm
Tomas Janzon Solo
From Bach to Jazz

Ullareds kyrka, Falkenberg, Sweden

August 1, 2024, at 6 pm
Tomas Janzon Solo
From Bach to Jazz

Bjursås kyrka, Falun, Sweden

August 3, 2024, at 6 pm
Tomas Janzon Solo
From Bach to Jazz

Boda kyrka, Rättvik, Sweden

August 18, 2024, at 6 pm
Tomas Janzon Solo
From Bach to Jazz

Farsta kyrka, Stockholm

October 16, 2024, at 12 pm, noon.
Tomas Janzon Solo
From Bach to Jazz


October 31, 2024, at 6 pm
Tomas Janzon Trio
Jeff Littleton-bass
Donald Dean-drums
The Merc
Temecula, CA

Please go to Events page for more info.

–New album Nomadic getting play and press see below,
for Vintage Guitar and Jazz Guitar Today interviews:

Jazz Guitar Today: interview

Vintage Guitar. interview

Vintage Guitar. video

Neon Jazz radio interview interview



130th & Lenox was among the Best Albums of 2020 by Downbeat.
(DB magazine Jan 2021 page 39).


From130th & Lenox recording session -1 minute with Steve Nelson-vibes, Hill Greene-bass and ChuckMcPherson-dr.

Porgy & Bess, Vienna, Austria,
with Essiet Essiet-bass and Chuck McPherson-drums

Poetry Festival in Korpilombolo with Essiet Essiet-bass, Will Terrill-dr

With Tootie Heath and Jeff Littleton at jazz club Fasching, Stockholm.

"Six on Five" Guitar - Marimba with Birger Thorelli.

With Corcoran Holt and Rogerio Boccato at Bar Next Door, New York

Messin Around at The Lighthouse, with
Nedra Wheeler and Donald Dean



Experiences is now available at Bandcamp !



Available on AppleMusic


also at
Naxos Sweden





Coast to Coast to Coast:

"Just the right progression of themes and tempos, just the right variety of long running times with short, just the right instrumentation for any given tune, hitting, as the CD title metaphorically suggests, all the points of the compass, all the coasts and all the landforms between. It’s a tour designed for listening and savoring."
-Bob Gish
JazzImprov magazine
[read the full review - click here]

"...all are unified by a crispness and intimacy that highlights Janzon’s cool, subtle style."
- Forrest Dylan Bryant,
JazzTimes magazine

[read the full review - click here]

"Janzon turns up the flame of jazz’s modern mainstream
through his latest album of adventurous music.
-Jim Santella
L.A. Jazz Scene

"A cooly imaginative kind of Sco-meets-Wes LA-based gutarist gets some sly, witty touches, steady soul-bop grooving originals..."
-Selwyn Harris
Jazzwise, UK

"...impress you with their low key precision and clever use of space and tone.....should excite listeners
from coast to coast to coast.
-George Harris
All About Jazz LA

"The soft strokes of his guitar melt away while delivering lyrical melodies one moment and creating fire in the heart of his audience the next. At his frequent live appearances, Janzon
captivates everyone and won’t let go."

...at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
"Guitarist Tomas Janzon brought his original spirit to LACMA with splendid results. In three powerful sets, he reflected blues-laden memories of Wes Montgomery and Django Reinhardt, as well as the fire and complexity found in the work of the Dave Brubeck Quartet. Fresh originals and standards such as “Moanin',” “All the Things You Are,” “Here's That Rainy Day,” and “Have You Met Miss Jones” were interpreted with authority. Janzon gave each selection a varied appearance, as his guitar wove intricate melodic patterns through the fabric of familiar song. His fluid lines produced thrilling results and meshed with his musical collaborators effectively."
- Jim Santella
All About Jazz
[read the article - click here]

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